Making sport available

LOXes bring available sport solutions and create communities of healthy residents

Active partners

What is LOX?

LOX is a smart locker allowing your to rent equipment 

for sports, games and leisure activities on the spot via our app.


  • Increased quality of life and well-being of inhabitants 
  • Digitalization of sport zones and data analytics 
  • Improved attractivity of public playgrounds


  • Data driven reporting of CSR & ESG activities
  • Strenghten brand awareness
  • Development of relationship with municipalities

Benefits of LOXes


Multi-factor authentication process

Protected by established antiVANDAL materials


Sharing equipment by users

Self-sufficiently powered by solar panels


Intuitive control of the app & LOXes

Solid anchor-free base

Where do I find LOXes?

How does a rental work?


Scan QR code
& create a profile.

Find LOX

Check your location
& choose LOX.


Choose equipment
& rent it.


Finish your activity
& return equipment.

Additional features


Top up minimum credit of 10€.

Feedback & Report

Do you have any recommendation? Write us.

Your benefits

Use discounts of our partners and live healthier.


The registered users locate LOX from which they plan to rent an item on the map. Next, they choose a specific item in the cell and rent it. After finishing their activity, they return the item to its original cell and take photo of it. After successful return, they pay for the rental from a credit.

We designed LOX not to require anchoring to the ground. We have created a mobile base that will increase its weight on site, making it impossible to move. An advantage is the possibility of changing the location of LOX according to need.

LOX contains a solar panel, which allows it to generate electricity. This solution eliminates the need to intervene in electrical cables and ground networks.

Thanks to our experience from the industry, LOX is designed as an anti-vandal solution. It is constructed from solid metal walls, thick plexiglass, and is resistant to impactful strikes.

Users are required to register and verify a profile. The verification process includes the need to provide a name, surname, email, and credit card. Users need to top up a credit in a certain minimum amount to start the rental option. After the rental, the application will prompt them to take a photo as proof of return. During the rental, a certain financial amount is held in the background, in case of incorrect return of items or theft.

YOURLOX, s. r. o. is responsible for resolving the damage event according to the agreed upon Terms and Conditions.

Maintenance and repair of LOX is the responsibility of YOURLOX, s. r. o., unless otherwise agreed upon. In most cases, the property manager or contracted partner is responsible for regular checks.

Sports items in the LOX are determined based on its location and mutual agreement with the property owner or manager. App allow users to express their opinion and provide feedback, in case they would like to see changes.

Thinking about
your own LOX?


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